Perspective: Getting Published!

In September 2010 I had a month being unemployed. To fend off idleness I started making a board game and have hardly gone a week without working on a game project since. Today, 4 years and 7 game designs later… I signed my first contract with a game publisher! Minion Games has agreed to publish Perspective!

It’s really exciting to finally be able to say that I’m getting published. Getting games on the market is not why I design, but it certainly gives a sense of validity to what I’ve put so much work into. It’s pretty thrilling to have both friends and strangers come back to me and rave about how much they enjoy the game. As a designer, one of the goals is to bring enjoyment to people, and it’s a blessing to see that happening.


The board-game industry is a little bit of an enigma to most people, so I’ve had a lot of people who aren’t very familiar with it ask “How does a game get published?” I get a kick out of my story because most of what a starting designer should do, I did not. Not out of ignorance, but because I wasn’t ready to pitch Perspective yet.

Normally you would spend a lot of time researching which publishers might fit your game, and contacting them, meeting them and conventions or sending them info on your game. Even though most of them will be uninterested or unavailable to consider the game for a variety of reasons. Then, if they were interested, they would ask for you to send a prototype with rules and after some time of playing the game they would either decline or express publishing interest.

I was fortunately blessed to be able to skip most of the normal process. Last month (April) I was at a designer’s peer review in Wisconsin. Often times there are a handful a publishers who hang around these events hoping to connect with promising designers. I was not planning on pitching Perspective since I had only started making the game a few months prior and brought it to get feedback. I certainly got a lot more that feedback.

It was the second day of the event and I had just gotten back from lunch and I saw that Scot Eaton was playing Perspective with James Mathe (owner of Minion Games) and some other players. Several minutes later I hear James shout across the room to someone, “Hey, get over here. I found the best game in the room!”, and from my perspective everything just rolled out from there. James asked for a copy (I had brought several), and I felt like every other time I turned around, I saw a group of people playing it.

5.17.2015 Dump 067

By the end of the weekend, James had said that he was interested in it. When I woke up on Monday morning, there was a contract in my inbox! From here there are a lot of details like final art, manufacturing (overseas), advertisement and final completion of the rules. Our current plan is to run a Kickstarter campaign sometime this summer and (my best guess) it will be printed and in the states early 2016.

If you’ve played Perspective and enjoyed it, please go to board game geek and give it a rating!

Also, here’s a brief video of a rules overview. Expect more gameplay videos in the future!

Here’s the website to Minion Games as well:

~Andrew Voigt


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