Perspective: FUNDED!!

The Kickstarter for Perspective was abundantly successful!! Successfully raised $11,011 with 918 backers! That’s almost 1,000 people!!!

I want to say thank you for everyone who has been supporting me on this journey! I was really humbled by the amount of my friends and family who got behind me on this project. Some of my favorite moments when some people (Lindsey, Brian and others) were fighting to be the first backer, while others (Joe, Scot, Kim) were fighting to be the one whose pledge put it over the goal.


The project funded in only 14 hours! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, that’s a big accomplishment, and it wouldn’t have happened without all of you! Of the initial goal of $3,500 I have little doubt that at least half of that was accomplished by my friends and their efforts promoting the campaign. I’m so humbled and encouraged by that. All the time I set aside to sit in a corner and design games I feel like I’m alone in the process, but I see with awesome people around me, that’s far from true!

Here are a few special thanks, I want to make sure to point out these awesome people:

Scot Eaton ~ He did a great job helping me figure out a solitaire mode for the game, and he was actually the person (not me) who presented it to James of Minion Games. I share a blog with him, look at the top of the page for a link to his stuff!

Samuel S. ~ 2 reasons, he was one of the first people to test the game with me, when it looked like this:

Secondly, he has probably played the game more than I have, and he was willing to sit down with me and prove the brain burn of the 2 player advanced mode as a viable mode.

How to Play: David P. ~ He did a wonderful job in being a second pair of hands to make the How to Play video.

Alpha prototype playtesters: Samuel S. Brian A. Anthony B. ~ These guys were part of the first play of the game. This play was a deciding factor on whether or not I continued the project. I do a lot of game design work with this group of outstanding gentlemen, and they’re always good to let me know when I have a horrible idea.

First Backer: Lindsey B.

I know for some of you, pledging on Perspective was your first Kickstarter experience, so I want to answer a couple of questions about what happens now and when do you get the game.

Q: When do I get my game?
A: When you pledged, you may have noticed an ‘estimated delivery date’ in the corner of the pledge button. That said January. We hope to get it delivered sooner, but our goal is no later than January.

Q: Why do I have to wait so long?
A: The physical game isn’t made yet (at least not in bulk). That’s what the funding for the Kickstarter is being used for. We are making agreements with a company to manufacture and ship the game. That is a lengthy process, and is the primary reason why it will take so long for you to get your copy.

Q: I saw a PnP mentioned, what is it?
A: PnP stands for Print and Play. That is a set of files you can use to print the game on your home computer. We are working on finalizing the rules and files, but as soon as they’re ready you will receive an email to the email you registered on Kickstarter. That email will have a digital rule book as well as the files to print the game at home. It will take 3 double sided pages to print everything you need to play. I recommend printing it on card stock.

Once again, thank you all for the support, this wouldn’t have happened without so many great people being in my life!

~Andrew Voigt

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