What’s Next for Andrew?

With the Perspective Kickstarter finished, my role in its completion is pretty hands off. From here on out I will have very small involvement in its process as Minion Games goes through the manufacturing and distribution process. That being the case, I have had a number of people ask “What Now?”, well here’s what I intend to be working on for the next 6-12 months.

The Dark Forest:
This game will be my primary focus in the months moving forward. It is my attempt of using a board game to tell a story. Players each take a character with a unique story and objective and head into The Dark Forest for their own various reasons. A couple of example characters are: a widow mourning her lost husband, a Priest trying to purify the Werewolf, a Father trying to rescue is kidnapped daughter.

CheyenneTheWidow HenryBioPage TheodoreBioPage

Depending on how the player plays, they will get more of their character’s narrative, and the end game resolution of each story will vary depending on how players progress. I hope to have a post up in the next month that better represents this game and its current state. It is my current play to complete this game early next year and self publish it. The Dark Forest has received unanimously positive feedback from players, and I have high expectations for it.


WARP Web (26 of 31)
WARP was my first design project. A little over a year ago, I put the game away, not being sure if I would ever pull it out again. This year while I was at Gen Con out of the blue, my mind started finding solutions to some of the issues I was having. As a result, I have officially brought it back on the design table. I am really looking forward to putting this together, my three big focuses will be getting game play down to 90 minutes, simplifying the maps and making it easier for new players to learn the game.

CardExample WARP Web (7 of 31)

86 Service
I don’t have any posts about this game yet, but I’m looking forward to making it work. It is a Cooperative game where players work together running a restaurant during dinner rush. Each player will be in charge of a different area (Hosts and Bussers, Service team, and Kitchen). It will be resource management, action allowance and asymmetric play. I’m looking forward to putting this one together.

in other news, I’ve designed to set Scatterball to the side. I’ve only developed the game as far as it is because people kept asking me to work on it. The problem is I haven’t really enjoyed the game and would rather put my time into other projects. I’ve given Scot Eaton permission to work on it some to iron out the remaining kinks, but if doesn’t do anything with it, I will simply put it up on The Game Crafter (a print on demand service). The game is entirely playable, and players usually enjoy it, but it’s simply not a game I love.

I’m really excited about the next year, and looking forward to the challenges I am going to face and the relationships that will be built. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all the support of everyone around Perspective!

~Andrew Voigt

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