The Divine Wind Blows In

In an earlier post, I introduced a game called Making Wind: The Game of Making (and Breaking) Wind. This title was for the purposes of entering a contest where the mechanic and the name had to be the same. The true name of this game is The Divine Wind: A Dexterity Battle of Martial Farts. Today, I’ll show you some photos of the game in action, as well as highlighting the amazing printing that The Gamecrafter did.

Well, this little game has come as quite a surprise to me. I brought it to Protospiel last weekend, and got unexpectedly positive reactions. One person sat down after I had explained the theme, and had a great time without even knowing that he was playing a game of Samurai fart battles. One game went way over the time estimate of 15-20 minutes (lasting 40-45) but nobody wanted to stop. JT Smith of The Gamecrafter said the game was “flawlessly executed.” I even had a publisher approach me and ask for a copy to bring back to his offices. Here are some photos:


The White Card Prototype at Protospiel


Robert Johnson, Brian Aamodt, and Steven Dast hold their breath as JT Smith positions his posterior for a strike.

Yesterday, I received a fully printed version from The Gamecrafter, and they did, if I may say so, an absolutely beautiful job.

That’s all for today. Hopefully you get a chance to play this soon!



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