Landed is now on Kickstarter!


The year is 008 Post Galactic Colonization. Humans have developed the technology to terraform planets, and it has become a very lucrative business. Terraforming companies now race to newly discovered planets to mold them in the most profitable way possible. They will stop at nothing to satisfy their wealthy investors.

Landed is a competitive tile-laying game where players take control of rival terraforming companies that have simultaneously reached the same newly-discovered planet. All players will sign unique contracts with investors to terraform this new world and claim use of the land. The player who fulfills the most valuable contracts and scores the most points is the winner.

Landed is being published by Argyle Games, and we launched on Kickstarter on February 2nd! We’re currently 43% funded with 19 days to go and we’re steadily climbing towards our goal.

Landed cover

Below is a quick summary of how to play, or you can download and read the full rules here.



 History of Landed

I began working on Landed in the spring of 2014, and I took it to Protospiel Michigan that summer. That first version was completely hand drawn. The tiles were split into sections by a line and each section was labeled with a letter from A through F, each letter representing a different terrain. There were no contracts initially. It was all about building the largest area matching your one goal terrain.


The game evolved a lot during that Protospiel weekend, and several hand drawn updates were tested. By the end of the weekend, contracts existed, as did wonder tiles (now known as satellite cards). I continued working on the game, and by November I had a much better and nicer looking copy to bring to Protospiel Madison.


This time around the response was very positive and the improvements could easily be seen. Most players enjoyed the game, and the only remaining aspects that needed work were minor balance issues. I updated the artwork one more time to include terrain art and brought the game Protospiel Milwaukee in spring 2015. There it was played by Ben from Argyle Games who loved it, and is now publishing it.


Thanks for reading the story of Landed! Please check out our Kickstarter, share it with anyone that may be interested, and consider backing!


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