About The Polaris Collective

We are a small group of game developers diving headfirst into the world of game creators. Our heart is to bring mechanically sound games which are visually appealing to the world.

What’s Next for Andrew?

With the Perspective Kickstarter finished, my role in its completion is pretty hands off. From here on out I will have very small involvement in its process as Minion Games goes through the manufacturing and distribution process. That being the case, I have had a number of people ask “What Now?”, well here’s what I intend to be working on for the next 6-12 months.

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Perspective: FUNDED!!

The Kickstarter for Perspective was abundantly successful!! Successfully raised $11,011 with 918 backers! That’s almost 1,000 people!!!

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How a Game Grows Up! (Scatterball)

I wanted to give you all a brief look into how a game grows and changes over time, specifically with Scatterball. Now, every game and designer is going to go through this process, but I find that whenever I mention the words “Testplay” or “Prototype” my friends aren’t sure what to think. Hopefully this will help you have a fuller understanding on what those words mean. I find that there are three hesitations people usually have about playing a prototype game:
1:The components are ugly.
2: The game won’t be fun and the mechanics/balance will be bad.
3: They will be too busy thinking about feedback to enjoy the game.

All three of these are legitimate concerns, but normally only in the earliest versions of the game. I want to walk through some of the changes of Scatterball to help explain this some. I’ll focus primarily on the first one (Components), but I’ll touch on the others as well.

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Perspective: Where it came from.

Perspective: Where it came from.

One of the reasons I enjoy designing board games is because I get to make all the rules, and that means that there are no rules. This is part of the reason why it’s so rewarding when people react to a game and say “that’s really cool, how did you come up with it?” Because I had no constraints in designing it, each of my games truly is an extent of my mind.  That being said it isn’t unusual for people to want to hear the process, so here it is:

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Perspective: Getting Published!

In September 2010 I had a month being unemployed. To fend off idleness I started making a board game and have hardly gone a week without working on a game project since. Today, 4 years and 7 game designs later… I signed my first contract with a game publisher! Minion Games has agreed to publish Perspective!

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Super Galactic Battle Mounties

The Earth is under attack by the fearsome Eclipse and his 14 Zodiac Colossi. Their mission is to take over the world, and the Super Galactic Battle Mounties are the only ones who can stand in their way! That’s why Eclipse has launched an all-out offensive on the city of Kingsmount–home of the Battle Mounties and the source of their power. If the Mounties’ Command Center on Mt. Royal falls, there will be no one left to stop Eclipse. Save Kingsmount; Save the World!

Genre: Co-Operative; City Defense
Players: 2-6
Time: 60-90 minutes

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