Landed is now on Kickstarter!


The year is 008 Post Galactic Colonization. Humans have developed the technology to terraform planets, and it has become a very lucrative business. Terraforming companies now race to newly discovered planets to mold them in the most profitable way possible. They will stop at nothing to satisfy their wealthy investors.

Landed is a competitive tile-laying game where players take control of rival terraforming companies that have simultaneously reached the same newly-discovered planet. All players will sign unique contracts with investors to terraform this new world and claim use of the land. The player who fulfills the most valuable contracts and scores the most points is the winner.

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Welcome to Marcin Zarycki

There’s a new member of the Polaris Collective. Marcin Zarycki has been a part of the Polaris Collective design¬†group for around a year, but we finally convinced him to join our blog!

Marcin has 2 games that are in the process of being published. Guild Builder has been signed by Floodgate Games, and Landed has been signed by Argyle Games. Expect to see some information on these games in the coming days.

Landed, in particular, just launched its Kickstarter campaign. Click the link to find out more!