The Dark Forest: An Overview.

The Dark Forest is a Narrative Horror game where you experience the story of your character, influencing it based on what objectives you complete or fail. Through the night, when you unlock the listed prerequisites, you’ll unlock additional pieces to your story. Below is an example of Theodore’s Character page. The event text for each event is in the character’s booklet.

Each character has several endgame resolutions they can achieve. Most of which include one where they’re successful in their quest, and two others, sometime resulting in an unpleasant end, other times ending up being something that’s worse than death for the character

Game play:
Players will be wandering through a map of disappearing forest tiles, trying to locate the landmarks they seek for their character’s objectives. Working together to help clear paths and explore the dark corners of the forest. These woods are untrustworthy though!

14691142_686971274796544_627881758864717069_nThe night seems to shifts the paths in the dark. Every Time a player steps too far away from an explored tile, it disappears from the board. Making it so no path is entirely reliable! As unreliable the forest is, it’s even more dangerous! Each tile corresponds to a different difficulty of encounters that the poor lost players must navigate through.

These encounters set up the situation and require the player to choose how they want to address the challenge, using their character’s skills to test against what is brought before them.


As the night goes on players are pressed with dropping stats and ticking time to strain for their objectives before the dawn comes.

It is my goal to evoke the feeling of being lost in the woods, and your mind creating its own fears about what could be lurking behind every shadow!

I’m revamping a lot of my encounter mechanics and making them tie into the forest map better. Stay tuned, I hope to have that together by the end of November.

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The Divine Wind Available Now

Hello, all. The Divine Wind has attracted the attention of a publisher, and there is a very good chance that a market release will be available by the end of this year. However, many of you who have played have requested a copy sooner rather than later. So, I have put together an $11.99 version on The Gamecrafter, a print-on-demand website. Check it out!

gamecrafter screenshot.png

Blend Off! & Thunderworks Games

I am pleased to announce that as of today, Blend Off! has been signed to Thunderworks Games (, publishers of the beautiful game Bullfrogs (seriously, check out how gorgeous it is!), and the soon-to-be-on-kickstarter Roll Player. Look for the kickstarter in early 2016. Thank you to all of the friends and playtesters who have helped get this game as far as it has!


Cropped Cover

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