Blend Off! is on Kickstarter

Blend Off! is now live on Kickstarter, for only $19! Check out the campaign, which includes how-to-play videos, reviews, a rulebook, and more. Then, head onto Facebook and Twitter and show your colors. Me? I’m #TeamStrawberry!


The Divine Wind Blows In

In an earlier post, I introduced a game called Making Wind: The Game of Making (and Breaking) Wind. This title was for the purposes of entering a contest where the mechanic and the name had to be the same. The true name of this game is The Divine Wind: A Dexterity Battle of Martial Farts. Today, I’ll show you some photos of the game in action, as well as highlighting the amazing printing that The Gamecrafter did.

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Hoyle’s Six Rules Updates

All games within the Classix collection have had revisions to the rules to reflect the last year of playtesting, and the addition of a 0 (zero) card. Most of the edits are extensive. The edits are listed in the following format:
Game Name (Game Genre) – summary of edits

Rummycross (rummy) – added rules for 0s and Jokers, did an extensive overhaul of scoring
Gambit (trick-taking/comparing) – changed actions for card/dice combos for balance
Damsels & Dragons (dungeon crawl) – V2 of the rules, extensive changes throughout
Jacob’s Ladder (shedding) – V2 of the rules, changing most of the gameplay and adding a draw mechanic
Klondike Six & Sudoku (solitaire) – No rule changes, but reformatted to Hoyle’s Six standards
This Side Down (4-in-a-row) Removed from the Hoyle’s Six kit, as the game works better with custom components.

Making Wind: A Game of Making (and Breaking) Wind

splash screen

Making Wind is a light-weight dexterity game where you play as Samurai, taking to the field of battle to engage in the ancient tradition of He-Gassen, or “fart battling.” (This is a real thing. Honestly.) You will ride your horse around the battlefield, positioning your posterior to blow away your opponents with your superior flatulence. Using bean buns to increase your strength, sake to increase your duration, and special cards to tip the battle in your favor, you will fight to be the last Samurai standing. Every card that is not used becomes a shield to protect from your opponents. With positioning and a good ole flick of the wrist, you will corner your opponents, pierce their defenses, and blow them down with a divine wind.

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Classix: Gambit

A month ago, I played a very intriguing game called Noble Treachery: The Last Alliance. I say “intriguing”, rather than “good”, because it is a brilliant concept that is way too complex for its own good. The core of the game is combining cards with dice to win tricks. I thought that if that base idea could be streamlined, it would be an excellent game. Last week, while reading through the rules for Knizia’s classic game Battle Line, the missing mechanic fell into place, and Gambit was born.

Gambit is part Trick-Taking (Euchre, Rook, Whist), and part Comparing (Poker, Blackjack), with elements of Yahtzee and Texas Hold’m. It is a game that fuses dice, cards, and poker chips to create an entirely new experience. By fusing all of these elements, this game is the most true representation of Hoyle’s Six yet created. Let’s dig in.

2015-12-22 11.46.12

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Blend Off! Is Shaping Up

I shared in July the exciting news that Blend Off! had been signed by Thunderworks Games. However, it’s not set to hit Kickstarter till next February. You might be wondering why, so I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes look on the process for Blend Off!, and what it is like to work with Thunderworks. Hopefully, it will give you a glimpse of the synergy that happens when you choose the right publisher.

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