Blend Off! is on Kickstarter

Blend Off! is now live on Kickstarter, for only $19! Check out the campaign, which includes how-to-play videos, reviews, a rulebook, and more. Then, head onto Facebook and Twitter and show your colors. Me? I’m #TeamStrawberry!


Blend Off! Is Shaping Up

I shared in July the exciting news that Blend Off! had been signed by Thunderworks Games. However, it’s not set to hit Kickstarter till next February. You might be wondering why, so I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes look on the process for Blend Off!, and what it is like to work with Thunderworks. Hopefully, it will give you a glimpse of the synergy that happens when you choose the right publisher.

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Blend Off! & Thunderworks Games

I am pleased to announce that as of today, Blend Off! has been signed to Thunderworks Games (, publishers of the beautiful game Bullfrogs (seriously, check out how gorgeous it is!), and the soon-to-be-on-kickstarter Roll Player. Look for the kickstarter in early 2016. Thank you to all of the friends and playtesters who have helped get this game as far as it has!


Cropped Cover

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Con of the North

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Con of the North this past weekend. The Polaris Collective attends 4 conferences per year, but Con of the North is special. It’s not strategic; it’s not a place where we hope to meet publishers; it’s not even “worth our money” from a financial standpoint (since we do not sell any prototypes yet). Con of the North is about something different: connecting with the people who play our games. We design games to create and foster community, and that’s exactly what we got. Here are a couple of photo highlights and some reflections from each of the designers present.

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What’s New With “Blend Off!”?


2014-10-26 11.33.42

Kane Klenko, designer of Pressure Cooker and Dead Men Tell No Tales, explains the game to Keith Matejka, designer of Bullfrogs and head of Thunderworks games.

Blend Off! is a real-time speed resource management game. Roll the dice as fast as you can to collect the right fruit to fill the customers’ orders. Race your friend(s) to fill the orders before they do.

I (Scot Eaton) designed this back in September for the Collapse Card Game’s 10-day design contest. Though I did not win the contest (kudos to Total Party Wipeout), Blend Off! made some waves, with judges and commentators saying, “It looks like a blast to play,” and “He killed it.

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Blend Off!

Collapse Cards recently put on a Game Design Contest where they shipped out prototyping kits and gave 10 designers 10 days to put together a brand new game. The kit contained very limited amounts of components, hoping that limitation would breed creativity. It did. I did not officially receive a kit, but I had all of the components already, so I entered. Watch the videos below to see how a new game can take form in a week!

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