On the Road to GenCon

You know, my least favorite part of a designer is physically cutting out prototypes. Designing on the computer? Awesome. Writing rulebooks? Tolerable. Getting out the scissors? I put it off as long as possible.

However, there’s something satisfying about when you finish, and you realize how far your games have come. I have spent the last month remaking boards, cutting out cardboard, and assembling the final prototypes. I’m going to highlight a few of these prototypes with brief commentary.

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Super Galactic Battle Mounties

The Earth is under attack by the fearsome Eclipse and his 14 Zodiac Colossi. Their mission is to take over the world, and the Super Galactic Battle Mounties are the only ones who can stand in their way! That’s why Eclipse has launched an all-out offensive on the city of Kingsmount–home of the Battle Mounties and the source of their power. If the Mounties’ Command Center on Mt. Royal falls, there will be no one left to stop Eclipse. Save Kingsmount; Save the World!

Genre: Co-Operative; City Defense
Players: 2-6
Time: 60-90 minutes

mockup logo no back

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Con of the North

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Con of the North this past weekend. The Polaris Collective attends 4 conferences per year, but Con of the North is special. It’s not strategic; it’s not a place where we hope to meet publishers; it’s not even “worth our money” from a financial standpoint (since we do not sell any prototypes yet). Con of the North is about something different: connecting with the people who play our games. We design games to create and foster community, and that’s exactly what we got. Here are a couple of photo highlights and some reflections from each of the designers present.

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