The Divine Wind Blows In

In an earlier post, I introduced a game called Making Wind: The Game of Making (and Breaking) Wind. This title was for the purposes of entering a contest where the mechanic and the name had to be the same. The true name of this game is The Divine Wind: A Dexterity Battle of Martial Farts. Today, I’ll show you some photos of the game in action, as well as highlighting the amazing printing that The Gamecrafter did.

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Making Wind: A Game of Making (and Breaking) Wind

splash screen

Making Wind is a light-weight dexterity game where you play as Samurai, taking to the field of battle to engage in the ancient tradition of He-Gassen, or “fart battling.” (This is a real thing. Honestly.) You will ride your horse around the battlefield, positioning your posterior to blow away your opponents with your superior flatulence. Using bean buns to increase your strength, sake to increase your duration, and special cards to tip the battle in your favor, you will fight to be the last Samurai standing. Every card that is not used becomes a shield to protect from your opponents. With positioning and a good ole flick of the wrist, you will corner your opponents, pierce their defenses, and blow them down with a divine wind.

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