WARP Update – Shiney New Prototype


WARP is continually developing to be a solid piece of work! Better icons, more clarity, class guidelines and an action board! I had a chance to play it a couple of weeks ago at a designer colaboration event called Protospiel in Madison Wisconsin with nearly 200 attendees.

The most exciting part of playing it there is that players did not complain about the main things they used to. No feedback is often the best feedback! I’m excited to show you the main changes!

Card Update:
A lot of love has gone into the card’s appearance. The core of the game-play revolves around card use, their development is of utmost importance. Here you see a lot of color has been added to the new card (on the right).

Reading the card is a lot simpler using the icons and colors. A lot of squinting from across the table is mitigated by this.  You may have noticed that the icon regarding ammo has been removed entirely. While thematically having limited ammunition for items made sense, time and time again I was finding players struggling with the reloading mechanic, and sometimes if the issue comes up too consistently; the best solution is the clip it out entirely! Probably the thing that had the most impact is that the initiative (C:2 on the old card) has been changed to be much more visually prominent, so there’s less time wasted on determining the next player! Streaming player actions has been a struggle for me, so the success of the Action Board is most encouraging!


After players choose their actions, they now place them in order on the action board, so all players can easily see which actions belong to who and who will be acting next. Eliminating this downtime of asking around the table to find who is up next dramatically increases how quickly each round progresses.

Better game aids are great! On the action board above, you’ll see listed actions that anyone can make without playing a card. Having them on the main board, once again creates a focus of attention during the action phase, so everyone has their heads up together.

Speaking of Aids, the new player mats have the reference sheet condensed on them:

along with tokens to match the Hand and mobility points a player spends for each phase. This encourage easier tracking of player resources and more condensed rule explanations since all of that is together!

The are some other substantial changes that I’d like to share (especially with game setup), but this post has grown long enough! I will most definitely be talking about how setup went from overwhelming to being enjoyed by players. I feel most accomplished from that compliment from a first time player!

I’ve recently put up a facebook page for WARP, please click here to like the page and see progress pictures of WARP!

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Thanks for reading!
~Andrew Voigt

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Protospiel Madison 2015 Recap (Andrew)


Last weekend Marcin (another local designer) and I headed over to Madison, Wisconsin for a designer peer review event call Protopiel, hosted by The Game Crafter. I made a quick video highlighting some of my takeaways and my time there! Enjoy!

A brief recap of my time at a game design peer review event in Madison Wisconsin. 10/23/2015 – 10/25/2015

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What’s Next for Andrew?

With the Perspective Kickstarter finished, my role in its completion is pretty hands off. From here on out I will have very small involvement in its process as Minion Games goes through the manufacturing and distribution process. That being the case, I have had a number of people ask “What Now?”, well here’s what I intend to be working on for the next 6-12 months.

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Scatterball –> Visual Update

Scatterball Firm

Scatterball is an interesting experience for me. I think it’s a great game, but it always seems to me like the people who play it like it more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an awesome feeling! This change has come about by popular demand. After a few publisher showings and a number of playtests, it has come time to give Scatterball a face-lift. Scatterball is a free-for-all dodgeball-inspired card game of weak alliances, backstabbing, and cheap shots. Players use equipment, ball, and intervention cards to knock out other players. Standing players fight to be the last man standing, while those who are out struggle to get back in.

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Introducing: Perspective

Every conversation has two sides to it, and more often than not you’ll only really know your half. There are two sides to every coin, but we can only ever see one of them: Heads or tails. Logic is the tool used to see what we cannot: if we are looking at the heads side of a coin, we can deduct that if we flip it over we will find a Tails side. Your perspective influences what you know about the world. As the world comes in and out of perspective, how much of what you can no longer see do you remember?

2-4 Players
15 Minutes

Perspective is a game of limited knowledge, logical deduction, memory, and two-sided cards that change depending on which side you are looking at. There are unique rule sets for two, three, and four players that all focus on the same four central card colors and abilities. The winner is the player who, without looking, matches the backside of his cards with the goal pattern.

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What Good are Board Games? 1: Relationships > Icebreakers

Tabletop games are often considered to be reserved for Geeks, Nerds, and people living in their parent’s basement. It is frequent that I run into people who either scoff at adults playing board games or are simply amazed when they find they enjoy their first experience with a Euro game. I once had a boss who made the curious statement, “Why would anyone spend 2 hours playing a board game?”. I think that statement was made more out of ignorance than condemnation, but it shows some common misconceptions that many people have. Some of the most common misunderstandings are:

  • Board Games are boring.
  • Games are for kids.
  • They are a distraction from reality.
  • They are useless/unprofitable.
  • There are better things to spend our time with.

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W.A.R.P. Wormhole Assault and Recon Project

W.A.R.P. is a player vs. player combat game that focuses on teamwork, planning ahead, and anticipating opponents In a militant future amidst technological breakthroughs, players control soldiers, called agents, trained with prototype technology for use in combat. Players contest objectives with personally selected gear that offer various situation advantages.

2-4 players

2 hours


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