What Good are Board Games? 1: Relationships > Icebreakers

Tabletop games are often considered to be reserved for Geeks, Nerds, and people living in their parent’s basement. It is frequent that I run into people who either scoff at adults playing board games or are simply amazed when they find they enjoy their first experience with a Euro game. I once had a boss who made the curious statement, “Why would anyone spend 2 hours playing a board game?”. I think that statement was made more out of ignorance than condemnation, but it shows some common misconceptions that many people have. Some of the most common misunderstandings are:

  • Board Games are boring.
  • Games are for kids.
  • They are a distraction from reality.
  • They are useless/unprofitable.
  • There are better things to spend our time with.

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